The 3DLS Concept

  • Tilting 2D laser range finder for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Continously rotating 2D laser range finder for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Particularly suited for robotics applications
  • Wide range (180° horizontal and up to 124° vertical range)
  • Generates 3D scatter plots of up to 360,000 range values with scalable resolution
  • Generates reflectance values for visualization and pattern recognition
  • Integrated servo controller provides simultaneous control of up to twelve servo motors
  • Simultaneously generation of up to 180,000 reflectance and range values in one 3D scan action
Bild 1

3DLS Sensor Modalities

The range and reflectance data (see images on the left) have been recorded during one single 3D scan pass. The upper image shows close regions in bright colors whereas distant regions appear in dark colors. The lower image shows the same scene but here bright regions correspond to high reflectance while dark regions correspond to low reflectance within the narrow spectral range of the scanner. As this nearly photographic reflectance image is almost fully independent of lighting conditions, it enables much easier pattern recognition. Distance and directional properties in relation to the scanner detector are known for each individual pixel in the reflectance image. This creates new possibilities for multi-modal object recognition.

Captured in one scan: Range values plus…

The regular spherical distortion is caused by the rotating scanner mirror and by the inclining movement of the scanner. It can be corrected using our 3DLS software. A graphical 3D Viewer included in the 3DLS software displays the corrected scatter plot data as a standard. For finer discretization of the range values the maximum range of the scanner can be limited, with a typical limit for indoor applications of e.g. 8 meter. (max 32 meter). For outdoor applications, we recommend the outdoor version of the SICK scanner. This version has a maximum range of 320 m and is typically used for distances between 32 and 80 meters.

…near-photographic reflectance image

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