3DLS Configurations

3DLS Connector Panel
1 USB uplink connector for scanner data
1 RS232 9-pin Sub-D-connector for servo controller signals, on the computer side
1 5-pin M12 round connector for 24 V DC
1 36-pin header (male) for connecting up to 12 servo motors

Download 3DLS Flyer

Download 3DLS-K Flyer

3DLS Technical Data
Dimensions (W x H x D) 284 x 286 x 166 mm
Weight 7.4 kg
Power supply 24 V DC
Horizontal scan angle 180° (full range)
Vertical scan angle 0.25° (min.) – 124° (max.)
Amount of data points at full scan (min-max) 22,625 (1° res.), 361,221 (0.25° res.)
3D scan times (min-max) 3.2 s (1° res.), 26.64 s (0.25° res.)
Product Highlights
Hardware Powder-coated mounting system with Volz actuator
USB to Serial Converter for scanner connection
RS232 interface for integrated servo controller
Scanner-Optionen SICK LMS-200 (indoor)
SICK LMS-291 (outdoor)
Software 3D-Scanner-API and application examples
3D Viewer
Systemanforderungen Linux
Windows XP

A ROS driver for 3DLS is in the process of being developed. ROS is a popular open source robot control software framework that allows for easier integration and application development. For more information about ROS please visit http://www.ros.org/wiki/.

The 3DLS offers a variety
of connection options
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